Ascensus Adoption Agreement

Ascensus also supports prototyping sponsorship for your employer`s documents and works with them to update their qualified planning documents and facilitate submissions to the IRS. Ascensus Plan Adoption System™ (PAS) is the answer to the implementation of a low-cost, compliant and qualified qualified retirement prototype. NOT is an Internet-based prototype compilation system that makes creating, creating and modifying planning documents fast, simple and accurate. We can help employers avoid the negative consequences of plan changes – including disqualification from the plan – and maintain the tax benefits that their plan offers. We work with your late and non-late amends: Ascensus is one of the largest suppliers of prototype planning documents and offers the most varied and professional defined contribution pension documents available today. Our documents are easy to use and offer plan document sponsors a competitive advantage in the old age pension market. Lobby Checklist 2017 Printed Forms Checklist PROFIT SHARING and MONEY PURCHASE PENSION – PROTOTYPE If you`re looking for a cost-effective and easy way to provide your employer customers with compliant retirement savings documents, our Direct Document Employer Service is your solution. If your clients need retirement savings documents to implement, modify or redo a plan, Ascensus document sponsorship can be your complete outsourcing solution. We take responsibility for sponsoring documents for both your current and future clients. This service includes the benefits of our document compliance service as well as these additional benefits. As a sponsor of planned documents, it can be a complex, time-consuming and costly process to track emailings and restatements.

If you need help or want to update your form inventory, contact a customer service agent at 800-346-3860, option 2, sub-option 1. NOT organizes and selects all the documents needed to develop retirement plans: Our Document Compliance Service supports both the annual change process and the six-year reduction process, along with the creation of new QRP documents – directly with your employer client. Our service includes: our private labeling solutions allow you to obtain your brand name using our highly skilled employees and advanced resources. More than 8,000 banks and credit unions across the country and some of the most popular financial brands rely on our platform for their retirement offerings. As a sponsor of planned documents, we help employers develop plans, changes and new submissions. Our IRS-approved age-based retirement documents are easy to use and designed with people who want businesses (and in a way that employers can understand). We become: Ascensus forms and documents are constantly monitored to bill for changes made by new tax laws and, just as importantly, to meet your wishes and needs.